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Calling all amazing writers and authors! Have you created some great, high quality content that is in need of a publisher? Don't be left behind in this electronic era. Consider getting your work published as an iPhone app. MarsApp is pleased to announce that we are open for submissions for content, which we will then publish as one of our quality iPhone apps and make available through the iPhone App store.

Publishing content through an iPhone app is a great way to get read and noticed. IPhones may have small screens but they have a big audience. Just think about how many people use their iPhones as all-round media devices these days. They watch TV on them, check their emails and read e-books. Why not get your work read as well? With their size and functionality, an iPhone can go anywhere. And that means that your content can too. People can be reading your work on the train to work, while in a waiting room - even while stuck in a traffic jam.

If you have created an amazing book, a useful database, an exciting comic or an innovative website, we want to hear from you. Tell us what your content is, and we can partner with you to create an awesome App. We will make a decision on whether to publish based on the content. If we think that we can work together to help you publish your original content then we will partner up and get your content published as a fantastic iPhone app.

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