• Sticky-it

    Sticky it

    Put sticky notes on your screen!!

    Create colorful and creative reminders to remind you the things you cannot forget. Sticky It brings you the ability to make real STICKY Notes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Stick everything you need to remember and view your notes the way you want!

    WHAT IS STICKY IT? Sticky It, a utility that allows you to easily take notes in single tap! All notes is sticked on the screen and you can move it around with your finger.
    - Easy to use
    - Real Sticky Notes
    - Preloaded 5+ background to choose from including beautiful textures and natural scenses
    - Full customizable of your wallpapers
    - Sharing function built-in

    • $1.99
    • Released: Jul 15, 2011
    • Version: 1.0
    • Size: 8.6 MB
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