• Bone Weight Astrology

    Bone Weight Astrology

    There are many systems of Chinese Astrology that is used to tell a person's character and traits as well as luck throughout his or her lifetime.

    The Bone Weight Astrology system assigns a weight to each of the year, month, day and hour of birth. The individual weights are added together and a reading is given for the combined weight. Heavier is better!

    The most commonly known Chinese Astrology system is the one based on the 12 Animals Zodiac where you may be a pig, dog, rooster etc depending on your year of birth. Under this system, your character is somewhat similar to the animal sign. For example, if you are born in the year of the rat, then you may be smart and cunning. If you are born in the year of the Ox then you may be hardworking and stubborn like the ox and so on.

    Thus, from your date of birth, you will be able to know your five major Fortunes - Wealth, Career, Love, Health and Interpersonal Relationship as implicates by your chinese zodiac.

    • Released: Dec 23, 2010
    • Version: 1.0
    • Size: 6.5 MB
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