About Us

MarsApp is an innovative company aimed at designing mobile applications for your leisure and lifestyle. Our team of graphic artists, interactive software programmers, and information researchers are dedicated into coming up with the applications you'd like to see on your mobile phone, hence, giving you what technology has to offer plus the optimization of your mobile phone uses.

We come up with applications that are creative and user-friendly because we make sure we stand by our vision to make intelligence meet imagination. All over the world, people just love our applications since it caters to their lifestyle. Formed as recent as 2009, MarsApp already has over 200 apps to offer people who are book worms, health buffs, social networking junkies, gamers, entrepreneurs, and more!

MarsApp is currently entering a phase that will revolutionize your mobile phone as you know it. We develop your apps according to what you want and how you want it. With so many applications to choose from, we guarantee that you will get the most convenience and entertainment possible. And although we mostly create our own apps, we will also help you develop yours to get your content published!

We are proud to say that there is no way your iPhone can get boring with our creative and cool apps. Our customers will be glad to know that our outstanding apps will soon be available on the iPad as well! Our games "SkyDodge" and "Finger 2010" have been featured as "What's Hot" by Apple.

The possibilities are endless with MarsApp mobile applications. At less than a dollar per application, mobile phones can be set up with a new feature-one of the MarsApp applications.

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